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Summer VIP member expanded recruitment events(2013 7/1 to 2013 8/31)
Filter017 CREALIVE Shop VIP member expanded recruitment events officially started now!

During the members promoted recruitment events, if your single spending reaches to USD$ 130 on the Official online store Bigcartel or Filter017 Taichung concept store,you could become a Life membership VIP immediately, and get a special gift of member only(Filter017 VIP identity leather keychain), and could enjoy the lifetime membership rights.

Filter017 VIP membership benefits and basic rights:

(Filter017 VIP member Join manner: If you shopping on the Filter017 Bigcartel Online Shop, "6 months without restriction cumulative amount over USD $ 350", or "single spending till USD $ 270" then could become a member , available could get the "lifetime membership benefits".)

If you shopping on the Filter017 Bigcartel Online Shop, and you want to application the membership cumulative amount , please went to our official website's membership application page and complete the form , and write down your spending amount,we'll starting to accumulative for you right away!

After you finish each spending, please show your identity and let us confirm and cumulative. Apply the cumulative amount of membership form :

Member exclusive benefits:

  • Members exclusive Filter017 VIP identity leather keychain:

    Each member could get one of Filter017 VIP identity leather keychain (Non Sale item). the member use this card as proof, not only get the lifetime membership, but also have occasional member special events and special gifts.
  • Members-only discounts:

    If you shopping on the official Filter017 Bigcartel Online Shop,could get the 10% off discount.
  • Members birthday special offer:

    Membership could get 15% off of without restriction and any amount in birthday month!
  • Could get Filter017 related news quickly:

    If you become the member,and add your basic personal profile to our database, you could get our news sources at first timing,if we have any brand's related offers and events, we'll use the e-mail or SMS notification at first timing!

The member discount dosen't applicable to specific product, if there's other special discounts in our store,and then based on the lower discount.
Filter017 retained for the members rules of the ultimate modify power, and in accordance with the actual situation and additions and deletions,revisions or changes, please noticed the Filter017's official website announcements,without further notice.

會員暑期擴大招募活動 (2013年7月1日至8月31日)
Filter017 CREALIVE Shop VIP會員召募活動即日起正式開始!

會員推廣招募期間凡於 "Filter017台中概念店" 及 "官方線上商店Bigcartel" ,單筆消費達 USD$130 ,即可立即成為VIP終身會員,獲得會員特別禮(Filter017 VIP皮革身份鑰匙圈),享有終生會員權益!

Filter017 VIP會員優惠及基本權益:

Filter017 VIP終生會員加入辦法:凡於 "Filter017 Bigcartel Online Shop"上,"6個月內不限次數累計金額滿 USD$350" ,或 "單筆消費達 USD$270" 即可成為會員,可享 "終身會員優惠" 。

*於 "Filter017 Bigcartel Online Shop" 購物者,如需申請會員資格金額累計,請於消費完成時主動至官網申請會員處填寫資料並寄出,並告知您消費的金額,我們將會幫您開始累計!並於爾後每次消費完成時,主動提出身份核對以便累計。申請累計金額會員表格:


  • 會員專屬Filter017 VIP皮革身份鑰匙圈

    凡成為終生會員即可免費獲得非賣品「Filter017 VIP皮革身份鑰匙圈」乙只,會員本人以此證為憑,除享終身會員資格,另有不定期會員特別活動及特別贈禮。
  • 會員專屬折扣:

    凡於Filter017官方網路商店消費, 即可享9折優惠。
  • 會員生日特別優惠:

    會員生日當月可享 "當月消費不限次數、不限金額之15% Off優惠!"
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