Filter017 Wildlife Fruit & Chickadees Pocket Tee


※This t-shirt's size is quite fit the asian body type,
but if you're from the Europe and the Americas,
please take a look of our new t-shirt size spec,
it may help you to understand which size exactly what you want

Use the colorful printed fabric's pocket T-shirt
has been already swept the globe streets,
this time Filter017 use the FCL OUTDOOR LAB theme present
a series of animal pattern pocket T-shirt,
at first we present with mountain grape leaves
and fruits with chickadees fabric,
pocket's graphics use random way to cutting,
each pocket T-shirt have different unique pattern on it.

we use the high-cost U.S. local made reactive dyeing fabric,
reactive dyeing fabric's workmanship is complicated
but get extremely high quality,
the 100% cotton fabric's texture and comfort are irreplaceable,
this is the valuable point of the fabric.

Color : Heather grey / Navy
Pocket Pattern : Random
Size : XS.S.M.L.XL
Release Date : 2013.7.17 (Wed)
Price :US $ 45


Size XL

Length 75cm
Chest width 54.5cm
Shoulder Width 47.5cm
Sleeve Length 24cm

Size L

Length 72.5cm
Chest width 52cm
Shoulder Width 45cm
Sleeve Length 22.5cm

Size M

Length 70cm
Chest width 49.5cm
Shoulder Width 42.5cm
Sleeve Length 21cm


Length 67.5cm
Chest width 47cm
Shoulder Width 40cm
Sleeve Length 19.5cm

Size XS

Length 65cm
Chest width 44.5cm
Shoulder Width 37.5cm
Sleeve Length 18cm

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