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we deconstruction by the shape and color of "EVANGELION Unit 1 and Unit 2",evolved a unique and original "EVA Indian folk style totem",use this original design,from unique precision knitting techniques to made EVA Indian folk style totem fabric,
it's get complete functionality and practicality considerations short wallet,with stitching shammy,leather cord decoration and the details of the design,overall texture are very outstanding and eye-catching,also for crossover planning FILTER017 X EVANGELION transnational attempt to start another topic and climax.


Size:close Long 13cm x Width 10cm x Thick 3cm / open Long 25cm
Release date:2013.2.1(Fri)

When the chammy part get prolonged use,the color would be relatively shallow,It's normal phenomenon.
The chammy and fatliquoring leather touch with moisture it may have shifted color issue,if you wearing light-colored clothing,please pay more attention on it.


The greatest japanese animation works Evangelion -
Neon Genesis Evangelion will launched the latest version of the film :Q "3.0 You Can (Not) Redo" this year on 11/17,
,to tie in with the film promotion,Japan has also launched a crossover activity with trendy brands,
Including the well-known brand Bounty Hunter, X-Large.. ,in the same time EVA stores in Japan Harajuku,
department stores and numerous distribution channels to sell crossover product。

For this huge cross-border joint planning,Filter017 design team has already repeat EVANGELION's film,
hope can get some different idea on product's image design,
the final decision on this cooperation we decide to dissociation the original animated image,
combination of popular elements in the abstract but retain a strong image,
The justice side EVA and villain side ANGEL two versions direction.
Therefore Filter017 in this design style can be said is a " bakusou "to show,
escape the past Filter017 both image and design style,
just like the Evangelion Unit-01 bakusou mode,
used another mode to show and improve to the best state.

Pattern has always been Filter017's visual performance,
at first we lock the basis of visual pattern as creative thinking for this EVANGELION crossover project,
we deconstruction by the shape and color of "EVANGELION",
evolved a unique and original "EVA Indian folk style totem",
simplify the design from the trend of the elements of jade point shading,
and the shape of "angel",
final, we use the basis for the design of these two visual to extend the range of goods.


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