The introduction FILTER017 X EVANGELION folding clear umbrella, EVA-02 style setting determined by the shape and color of EVANGELION 2 of Unit deconstruction,
evolved "EVA Indian ethnic style totem
The umbrella cover appearance, is a combination of visual design transformed from EVA-02 insert bolt (cockpit) again, Filter017 faithful to the unique design ingenuity EVANGELION theme.

Printed on the umbrella and umbrella sets, especially the high cost sublimation technology made ??to reach the ultimate level of quality, color saturation, image detail, as well as printing no glial sense.
More particular about the material and functional, mining cover overlying larger 8-umbrella,
umbrella structure with a full glass fiber material manufacturing
Excellent elasticity and not easily damaged, especially in the performance of the wind resistance is quite excellent, even if the event of strong winds, heavy rain is also not easy to flowering reflexed or broken the general parity umbrella comparable.

The umbrella cloth specially selected double PG fabrics, double umbrella cloth, either in the overall texture of thick starched, durable and waterproof, UV protection function are reached double effect.
Details punishable logs texture umbrella carved handle, specially designed EVA Unit 2 and section 10 apostles of metal shape umbrella top, even more unique texture and collection value.

Color : EVA-02 (Red + Black)
Release date : 2012.09.07 (Fri)
Price : US$65

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