The introduction FILTER017 X EVANGELION folding clear umbrella, EVA-01 style setting determined by the shape and color of EVANGELION 01 of Unit deconstruction, evolved "EVA Indian ethnic style totem.The umbrella cover appearance, is a combination of visual design transformed from EVA-01 insert bolt (cockpit) again, Filter017 faithful to the unique design ingenuity EVANGELION theme.

Printed on the umbrella and umbrella sets, especially the high cost sublimation technology made to reach the ultimate level of quality, color saturation, image detail, as well as printing no glial sense.
More particular about the material and functional, mining cover overlying larger 8-umbrella, umbrella structure with a full glass fiber material manufacturing.
Excellent elasticity and not easily damaged, especially in the performance of the wind resistance is quite excellent, even if the event of strong winds, heavy rain is also not easy to flowering reflexed or broken the general parity umbrella comparable.

The umbrella cloth specially selected double PG fabrics, double umbrella cloth, either in the overall texture of thick starched, durable and waterproof, UV protection function are reached double effect.
Details punishable logs texture umbrella carved handle, specially designed EVA Unit 01 of metal shape umbrella top, even more unique texture and collection value.

Color: EVA-unit 01(Purple)
Release date:2013.2.6(Wed)
* This product uses double layer umbrella cloth, more flat and sturdy seeking umbrella cloth distraction, so there was a little resistance to open the umbrellas to the top, this is a normal phenomenon, don't use excessive force to open and close umbrella, in order to avoid structural damage *


The greatest Japanese animation works Evangelion -
Neon Genesis Evangelion will launched the latest version of the film :Q "3.0 You Can (Not) Redo" this year on 11/17,,to tie in with the film promotion, Japan has also launched a crossover activity with trendy brands, Including the well-known brand Bounty Hunter, X-Large.. ,in the same time EVA stores in Japan Harajuku, department stores and numerous distribution channels to sell crossover product。

For this huge cross-border joint planning,Filter017 design team has already repeat EVANGELION's film, hope can get some different idea on product's image design,
the final decision on this cooperation we decide to dissociation the original animated image, combination of popular elements in the abstract but retain a strong image,
The justice side EVA and villain side ANGEL two versions direction.
Therefore Filter017 in this design style can be said is a " bakusou "to show,
escape the past Filter017 both image and design style, just like the Evangelion Unit-01 bakusou mode, used another mode to show and improve to the best state.

Pattern has always been Filter017's visual performance,
at first we lock the basis of visual pattern as creative thinking for this EVANGELION crossover project, we deconstruction by the shape and color of "EVANGELION",
evolved a unique and original "EVA Indian folk style totem",
simplify the design from the trend of the elements of jade point shading,
and the shape of "angel", final, we use the basis for the design of these two visual to extend the range of goods.


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