Filter017 X Bilbo "Two Way Outdoor" Flight Jacket


Filter017 x Bilbo huge crossover project released.

1 x 1 = ∞
Combine Filter017 & BiLbo's two way outdoor flight jacket,
that will bring you more possible's crossover product.

Use the Filter017's「FCL OUTDOOR LAB」as the center theme,
the outdoor's style and spirit just same as Bilbo,
after 12 month's development,fixed all the detail and produce,
final present this based on outdoor's B-15A air force jacket.

used two brand's characteristic to make this crossover project
get more classical,and the most amazing part is this flight jacket
could get the two way to wear.

Color:Black/Dark Green

Size: S / M / L / XL
Version type: slim models
Texture: twill nylon
Release date: 2013.2.10(Sun)
Made In Taiwan

※Info about shirt size:
Shoulder Width: 41cm / chest width: 50.5cm / Body Length: 66cm

Shoulder Width: 42.5cm / chest width: 53cm / Body Length: 67.5cm

Shoulder Width: 44cm / Chest Width: 55.5cm / Body Length: 69cm

Shoulder Width: 46.5cm / Chest Width: 58cm / Body Length: 70.5cm

※This is a limited version jacket,the quantity is quite rare, so please don't make the order directly.
if you want to bought one jacket,please mail us to confirm the size and color whether still in stock,thank you.

More pictures, please visit ourofficial website

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