Continue OUTDOOR LAB theme, Filter017 introduction to virtual organization B.S.F (Boy Scouts of Filter017) as the subject, combining scout and forest ranger field, the element such as the camp as design inspiration six type ball cap, use delicate embroidery levels present PIONEER (frontier) design image.

Celts is human origin of the oldest logging tool in one of the ancient times of boundless wilderness plays a very important role, in addition to the original human wisdom and courage meanings, but also aims to symbolize the pioneer "fearless forward" and "create innovation" thoughts.

Two kinds of design respectively by multi-level three-dimensional embroidery LOGO, tie-in Filter017 brand of the original "lost camouflage" and feel excellent suede fabric as key splicing material, in the hat side add interesting restore ancient ways OUTDOOR element skin piece, the overall visual reveal the strong and unique OUTDOOR the fun atmosphere.

The cap is always the Filter017 major products,
for the sake of excellent products quality,
This season Filter017 starting to entrust Stussy、adidas and NBA's manufacturers,
Use the same level of high specification professional production in Taiwan,
whether in material, cap shape and all detail are very well.
The texture is non-general and low-level caps can matched.

Two style can chosen, black and camouflage.

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