This time we present mountain shape logo work cap,
and the cap shape use the American style retro 5 piece work cap,
Through the stereoscopic multi-level embroidery to show the classic sign of FCL OUTDOOR LAB,
and we use the comfortable touch's shammy fabric to make under the cap brim,
Add retro OUTDOOR elements:pig nose at the cap side of hanging hole skin pieces,
The whole visual revealed a strong and unique outdoor camp fun atmosphere.
The anthropomorphic "eye" monutain shape image has a take the high ground,and experienced and knowledgeable of the connotation.
In addition to inspire people got up and move towards outdoor,thereby revealed "natural awakening" environmental implied meaning.

The cap is always the Filter017 major products,for the sake of excellent products quality,
This season Filter017 starting to entrust Stussy态adidas and NBA's manufacturers,
Use the same level of high specification professional production in Taiwan,whether in material,
cap shape and all detail are very well.
The texture is non-general and low-level caps can matched.

*Those style cap's bonus with the FCL OUTDOOR LAB theme exclusive cap bag*

Release date:2012.10.26(Fri)
Made In Taiwan