※Shipping costs issue: If you buy 2-10 piece sticker set,the shipping cost as same as bought 1 piece,you could choose buy the other product then we can packing it together without other shipping costs

The high texture characteristic graphics stickers are always Filter017's popular item,
this time we present the "Filter017 ORIGINAL POP STICKER SET" collection 8 character and font graphics,
including famous character "PopCorn","MICKEYLIN","MR.BANANA"etc. classic creation.
This time we also to strengthened anti-UV treatment on the sticker production,make sticker not easily fade.

Each set contains eight different design graphics of high quality PVC stickers.
PVC material, both sides printing, waterproof, tear resistant, no glue residue not easily fade, anti-UV.

Each set price:US$10
Release date:2012.11.30(Fri)

More pictures, please visit ourofficial website.

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