Filter017 ORIGINAL LOGO TEE - Green & Grey



Since 2004 Filter017 founded clothing brand in 2008; to set up Direct concept store in 2011,
Has introduced a lot of images, and LOGO, change the font design T-shirts, but not once the most primitive ORIGINAL LOGO launch brand TEE.

Until today, the team all the way hard work, after seven years of operation and test, in the domestic market, image and design circles finally have some success and resonance,
For Filter017, the symbol of the brand and the team ORIGINAL LOGO also has value only gradually, so be willing to form the most simple and direct,
Launched Filter017 ORIGINAL LOGO TEE.

LOGO is not only the external appearance of the font or visual design behind the symbol is operated by a team experienced with the process,
More symbolic meaning and includes brands!
If you agree with it,
you naturally will not hesitate to wear it!

There has two colors to chosen, white and navy.
If you buy tee, we will free to a paper packing.

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