Filter017 thought the concept of mixed sauce,
use the character - corn man as basic visual,
further to mix the famous mascot of the U.S. tire industry,
and famous cartoon character, became the whole new character"MICKEYLIN".
The particularly interesting part is not only combine two character,
more subtly part is combines the two characters name,
and that's the most interesting part in this work!
This creation is also quite popular one of the classic works of early Filter017.

This T-Shirt Using imported cotton seamless T-shirt,
and printed in Taiwan,
bonus with the T-shirt's exclusive packed.

Color: Heather Grey/White / Dark Green
Size: XS.S.M.L.XL
Release date : 2013.6.14(Fri)


Size XL
Shoulder 54cm
Chest width 60cm
Length 75.5cm

Size L
Shoulder Width 49.5cm
Chest width 54.5cm
Length 72cm

Size M
Shoulder Width 45.5cm
Chest width 51.5cm
Length 69cm

Size S
Shoulder Width 41.5cm
Chest width 46cm
Length 63.5cm

Size XS
Shoulder Width 39cm
Chest width 40.5cm
Length 56cm

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